Kevin M Thomas - State Of The Union chords

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Words by Kevin M. Thomas
Music by Kevin M. Thomas
Copyright 2013 Kevin M. Thomas

VERSE 1 (Dmadd9 D)
Another layoff today.
I'm just prayin to stay.
Paranoia sustains.
Will the payroll remain?

PRE-CHORUS 1 (A A#add11+/A A C G6 G)
Look away.
Just sign your pink slip and fade.
Another mouth to feed is on the way.
Counting pennies frantically in vain.

CHORUS (F G A Asus2 A   F G   A C G6 G)
Oh fortunate son.
Vote for me is all I hear but one.
Two points blue, one point red.
The words they speak are all in my head.
To the victor goes the spoils or so they say.

VERSE 2 (Dmadd9 D)
Two parties, one game.
Two righteous, one blame.
Each one pointing fingers at me.
Do I wear the jackass elephant of flee?

PRE-CHORUS 2 (A A#add11+/A A C G6 G)
Seems the game is all but fixed to me.
I see the red team's jersey just came free.
Underneath he's wearing blue, is it me or is it you?
What's the score now I haven't but a clue.

CHORUS (F G A Asus2 A   F G   A C G6 G)
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