Kevin M Thomas - Break Up chords

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Words by Kevin M. Thomas
Music by Kevin M. Thomas
Copyright 2013 Kevin M. Thomas

VERSE 1 (F# D E)
Well I went back home.
I saw you cryin there.
So I asked you then.
Should I be your only friend.
And you said that I.
Could only make you cry.
Then you said that I.
Would try to mend your tears.

Then I called, then I called, then I called and I called your bluff.
So I went back home.
And I saw, and I saw, and I saw and I saw your stuff.
Thrown on the lawn.
Then I went, then I went, then I went and I went to see.
That your all alone.
All the rest, all the rest, all the rest was silly walk and talk.

VERSE 2 (F# D E)
Then I saw you there.
And I said why did you lie.
So I asked the question.
But only did you try.
To fake my bluff and see right through the fear.
When I saw the tears.
I broke right down and let you mend.

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