Kevin M Thomas - Aspire tab

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Composed and Arranged by Kevin M. Thomas
Copyright  2003 Kevin M. Thomas

Asus2 C Em C Asus2 C Em C Asus2 C Em C Asus2 C Em

A              Aadd9        G6                 Gadd9 
Tending to the fire that consumes us everyone;
Fmaj7         Fadd9         Em         
mending our desire to reach far beyond the sun.
A              Aadd9      G6                  Gadd9 
Often times in life do we ever slip and fall; 
Fmaj7           Fadd9          Em
blindly chasing dreams that we never find at all. 

A                Aadd9       G6                 Gadd9 
Looking back and forth do we never seem to see; 
Fmaj7                  Fadd9       Em
the chance to save our lives do we ever seem to be.
A                Aadd9        G6                     Gadd9 
Take but all the past in your quest of fortune fame; 
Fmaj7           Fadd9         Em       
if we look back fast then the future will but sing. 

Asus2          C    Em 
The world's an open door;
                 C       Asus2
to the pleasures of your mind.
             C       Em 
The dream we dream inside;
              C  Asus2
will become reality. 
             C        Em
If we look beyond the task;
              C     Asus2 
of the day-to-day extremes.
       C      Em 
Aspire to the end;
and change your life.
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