Kevin Max - We Love Dangerous chords

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Not quite sure if these chords are right or not, but you can see for 
yourself and please let me know if you think its right or if you come up 
with something different...Peace ;)

A C#m

Verse 1
We lived our lives just like James Dean
Got trapped within the same old scene
A                                  C#m
Racing down the road out of control

Verse 2
I met you in that washed up town
It rained that year, it never stopped
   A                                        C#m
My heart must be healing cause I'm growing old

              A            C#m
And we tested every single fate
                A                   C#m
And we bent the rules into our own shapes
Cause we love dangerous

Not real sure about the lyrics either but from what i can get out of it the
song seems to go back and forth between A and C#m like i said i'm not sure
about these so feel free to correct me! ;)
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