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Kevin Max - I Dont Belong tab

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===========================                    =========================
I Don't Belong---Kevin Max---------------------Transfered by Asa Gaston
===========================                    =========================

Verse 1
Am                          Fmaj7
And so we broke up
And so you decided
It was you, it's always you
Am                                      Fmaj7
Even though we were friends
I felt uninvited
The fraternity of fools
Am                              G
And I'm drowning slowly (going down)
Am                                   G                                              C
And I'm fading like an ink that's a hundred years old

C                  G
I don't belong
Say I'm wrong
Told you that you should have known me better
C                 G
I don't belong
                    F                      Bb
This my song, this my song

Verse 2
Am                              Fmaj7
You made me a prince
You made me a pauper
Then you turned and closed the gate
Am                                     Fmaj7
Even though I messed up
There wasn't an offer, love
No mercy or no grace
Am                                      G
And I see right through you (see right through you)
Am                               G
You wanna be just like me, don't you

F                                 G               C
(Stupid things I've said and done)
Oh, don't you walk away
F                              G            C
(Battles that I've lost and won)
Shame, shame, shame on me
F                             G               C
(What I used to think was wrong)
                      G                 F
I'm for the underdog, I like the one that don't belong

C  G  F  Bb

Chorus x2
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