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Kid Cudi - Solo Dolo tab

Artist: Kid Cudi
Song: Solo Dolo
Album: Man On The Moon: The End Of Day

Capo 3

Riff (no capo):
Guitar 1:                           Guitar 1 and 2:
e|--10-------10--------------|    e|--10-------10--------------|
B|-----11-------11----11-----|    B|-----11----11-11----11-11--|
G|--------12-------12----12--|    G|--12----12-------12----12--|
D|---------------------------|    D|---------------------------|
A|---------------------------|    A|---------------------------|
E|---------------------------|    E|---------------------------|
Guitar 2:

Intro: Em x4

Listen good, I don't have nobody
But what I might feel are the sounds of sanity
Hoping what I hear, loops itself continuously
Then I wont be afraid, no no

C  G    Am
Oh woah woah
Why must it feel so wrong when I try and do right, do right
C  G    Am
Oh woah woah
Soaring through paradise when I'm closing my eyes
I'm, Mr. Solo Dolo
Oh oh oh, oh oh

Look at me you tell me just what you see
Am I someone whom, you may love, or enemy
Am I speakin' for you and yours, or someone else
I need some answers, yeah, yeah


My world turns, flippin' the bird to the ones who figure, me
                                      C                 G
Outkast no not the duo back at Shaker Heights when they knew
Though little brother was a strange one boo hoo
Cry me a river hey the look who, try without an igloo
                                            C               G
Cold, cold world wasn't fit for me at, all, look at where I stand at
Tall, cutcha' my Kid Cudi bisohs

Mute mutha' fucka' back home, quick pause
Gargle on my mayo look at me I bet
I'm the one you think the feo, floatin' in my mind
No Sail, ahoy

Listen good I don't need nobody
This is what you feel are the sounds of insanity
Hopin' what I hear loops itself to finish me
No, I wont be afraid, hey, hey


C G Am                                               Em
      Why must it feel so right when I know that its wrong, its wrong
C G Am                                            Em
      When will I ever learn from the words in my songs
      I'm, Mr. Solo Dolo
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