Kid Cudi - Cudi Zone chords

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Artist: Kid Cudi
SOng: Cudi Zone
Album: Man on the Moon: The End of Day

Intro: F Am Em Dm C

 F                      Am
 Soaring, is disallowed,   I sure bet my daddy proud
Em                                   Dm                      C
 A little nigga with a shaker smile, on top of the dreams is where I'm found
F                                  Am
 Some figured I was Satan-bound, until I came back with the style I found
 Em                                               Dm                           C
 Then all of the sudden they fixed they're faces, cause of who I know, and the trail of places
 F                                             Am
 That I've stepped, how many niggas wanna hate cause I left? How could you blame me
         Em                                         Dm                      C
  And my planned attack, cause I'm risking my soul attack,now I'm heard all over the map
        F                                          Am
 Homie, rule of thumb, it don't really matter just where you from
                           Em                              Dm                        C
 All that really matter is where you're gonna go, baby I'm stayin for somethin', but you can't
 rule out
     F                                     Am
 The steps I've done second chances givin' out for some
                     Em                                                Dm                  C
 All you gotta do is take advantage, then maybe you can get yourself a horse and carriage, big
         F                                             Am
 You can think about marriage, until then get it then, find yourself and let's begin
 Em                                    Dm                        C
 Im'ma tell you how in a minute, Im'ma show you how I be livin', from a long time ago 
 F                                           Am
 A young nigga, he was timid, now I'm in the zone, seein' things so vivid
       Em                               Dm                   C
 I'm a soul, nah homie, not even, Im'ma zone now till I lose feeling, remember
 F                                Am
 Im'ma be gone way past November, even stay up there, up there
 Em                      N.C.
 Floatin, floatin, hopin I could find peace somewhere

C     F     Am               Em    Dm  C
In my  mind,  it sounds like ooooh
         F     Am               Em    Dm  C
When I'm  gone,   it feels like ooooh
         F           Am                   Em                   Dm        C
When I'm  zoned, I'm feelin' alright, I'm feelin' alright, I'm feelin' alright
         F           Am                   Em                    Dm           C
When I'm  zoned, I'm feelin' alright, I'm feelin' alright, I forget about it all

 F                     Am
 Ballin' is disallowed,  but I feel like Shallow Al
 Em                                     Dm                        C
 Diamonds on the Jesus piece for style, back in Cleveland city we ride around
 F                                          Am
 Greetin my niggas with daps and pounds, so if I fall I wont hit the ground
 Em                                          Dm                       C
 These are the things that'll make me smile, knowin' this blunt might burn a while
    F                           Am
 I keep myself so lifted, I am accustumed to new heights
        Em                                       Dm               C
 I feel perfect though they think its worthless, see what I on my flight, man
 F                                     Am
 Everybody wanna be a critic I have my life and I will live it
           Em                            Dm               C
 Shut your mouth before I fuck it, Ha my jokes, they will love it
        F                                                  Am
 If Im seen on the scene with my slim cut jeans, more than likely I am fadin man
 Em                                       Dm                       C
 Doin' other shit no matter where you go, niggas just stand around hatin'
         F                                         Am
 So my advice is when the lights start flashin 'N' I'll be zonin' all alone n'
 Em                                   Dm                    C
 In the place where my mind is goin', filled with songs and no one's knowin'
 F                                       Am
 And the devil in a hopping dress tryin' ask me for one dance
    Em                                Dm                 C
 He think he slick but my guardians protects me from his wrath, so
 F                                Am
 In my place no hate shall enter, livin' I'm up there up there
 Em                        N.C.
 Copin', copin', floatin', I will find peace somewhere


F Am Em Dm C x4

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