Kid Cudi - Immortal chords

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The same progression continues throughout the song, and the timing is pretty easy 
to pick up just by listening to it.

Am C Em G x4

Am             C             Em          G
Spent the last month feeling bad íbout myself

           Am        C                 Em     G   
I couldnít speak anything of real hope

        Am               C            Em                  G
And the day came when it hit me like lightning through my veins

         Am           C                Em     G
A sudden change in my groove, in my walk

          Am       C              Em                G
I got my lion heart and electric flowing through my brain

         Am             C              Em    G
Shocking waves make me feel I can float

               Am         C        Em             G
Itís like the city is mine and the dark is my cave

           Am               C           Em
I canít explain this sudden peace in my walk

I sure hope

     Am        C       Em         G
I am living my life as if I had powers

      Am      C            Em    G
And tonight I feel immortal

         Am       C           Em    G
I said tonight I feel immortal

  Am       C           Em    G
Tonight I feel immortal

Like I said earlier, the progression continues throughout the rest of the song.
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