Kids In Glass Houses - Fisticuffs tab

Kids In Glass Houses
Smart Casual
Drop D
Rhythm Guitar
Tabber - Yimbo

Intro - 0:00 -> 0:13 x2                                 End On
definatly go through it a few times, the rhythm is tricky.
E ---------------------------------------------------|--xxxxx-------------|
B ---------------------------------------------------|--xxxxx-------------|
G ---------------------------------------------------|--xxxxx-------------|
D --020-4-0-2/7777\5555-----------020-4-0-2/5555\222-|--xxxxx--0202-------|
A --020-2-0-2/7777\5555-----------020-2-0-2/5555\222-|--xxxxx--0202-------|
D --020---0-2/7777\5555-----------020---0-2/5555\222-|--xxxxx--0202-------|

Verse - 0:25 -> 0:35
The rhythm doesn't kick in till 0:25 and before you do it, i suggest that you turn the
knob (stop giggling at the word 'knob') down a little and just keep playing through. If
do the whole start stop thing it sounds a little retarded. Keep playing it through till 
Keep the picking soft.

E ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D ----777-----------------------------------------------------------------|
A ----xxx-----------------------------------------------------------------|
D ----999-----------------------------------------------------------------|

Pre Chorus - 0:36 -> 0:45 - the pre chorus is simple. if you listen to the track you can
when the picking starts. listen carefully though.
        X2                                         End on
E ----------------------------------------------|--xxxx---------------|
B ----------------------------------------------|--xxxx---------------|
G ----------------------------------------------|--xxxx---------------|
D ---2------0-----------------------------------|--xxxx---------------|
A ---2------0-----------------------------------|--xxxx---------------|
D ---2------0-----------------------------------|--xxxx---------------|

Chorus - 0:46 - 0:56 x
the chorus is simple :)                         END ON
E ----------------------------------------------|--xxxx-----------------|
B ----------------------------------------------|--xxxx-----------------|
G ----------------------------------------------|--xxxx-----------------|
D --22222-55555--77777777--101010109\-----------|--xxxx--0202-----------|
A --22222-55555--77777777--101010109\-----------|--xxxx--0202-----------|
D --22222-55555--77777777--101010109\-----------|--xxxx--0202-----------|

Verse, pre chorus and chorus again.
but at the end of the chorus don't do the 'END ON' part instead you go straight into the bridge

Bridge - 1:48 -> 2:09
                                                        End On
E ------------------------------------------------------|------------------|
B ------------------------------------------------------|------------------|
G ------------------------------------------------------|-777779-----------|
D ---77777--------------------------777-777-----5-77----|-xxxxxx-----------|
A ---77777--------------------------777-777-----5-77----|-555557-----------|
D ---77777--------------------------777-777-then5-77----|------------------|
            and then at 1:58 you do ↑ (listen out for the picking pattern)

back to chorus.

then after ze solo.
you go back to the intro.

and you is doneeeeeee :)
this is my first tab!
it's long. but i hope it helps. any questions? whack em up in the comment box :D
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