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Kill Hannah - Lugias Song tab

Well, this is most of the tab since the ones I found don't include a lot of the song and 
the high part I feel that they left out a note, so here's my version.
Enjoy. Also, if you want to contact me about the tab, you can email me at


This is only the first 30 seconds, but if you take out the higher part and the 
and pulloffs, you basically have the rest of the song. That, or you can check somebody else's tab 
wait til I get around to making the full version.

Okay, so special note time because if I don't put this people might ask me anyways so...
1) 0 followed by a (0) was just used so that it shows that it's held longer, about the 
of a half note. Just in case you've never heard the song or forgot most of it.
2) The song I used was from, just in case you 
I was innacurate. You might be right because, as I said before, I was rushed.
3) If you have an acoustic guitar, the higher hammer-ons/pullofs (all three of them) may 
difficult, but it's either that or a slide, and since I don't like slides, I chose 
and pulloffs.
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