Killers - Christmas In La chords

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The Killers ft. Dawes - Christmas in L.A.

[Capo, 1st fret]


G                        C
Woke up to sun streaming in my room
G                              D
Warm beach front palm December afternoon
G                            C
You close your eyes, another year blows by
G                            D      G     C
Somewhere in the wind, just another lie

   G                                  C
My parents sent a Christmas card, and tennis shoes
   G                                 D
We understand you staying, and we're proud of you
          G                                  C
There's a well-rehearsed disinterest, in the atmosphere
                G                                       D       G
I don't know if that's what this time gave me, or if it lead me here

      C         D    Em
And I played so many parts
             C           D      Em
I don't know which one's really me
      C       D     Em
Don't know if I can take

D/F#    G              D 
Another Christmas in L.A.
        Em            C
Another pitcher of sangria
      G              D
In an empty beach café
        G              D
Another Christmas in L.A.
        Em           C
Hold me tighter Carmelita
             G              D
I don't know how long I can stay


G                         C
Left a girl behind, in my old man's truck
G                            D
Sometimes I wonder where she ended up
G                            C
Maybe she got married, had a couple of kids
G                                       D
Who do you think you're fooling man, of course she did

            C      D      Em
I'm walking in Dan Tana's bar
        C         D     Em
Try and talk with Harry Dean
        C       D     Em     D/F#
I don't know if I can take

        G              D
Another Christmas in L.A.
        Em              C
Another casting call on Thursday
      G                D
For a job that doesn't pay
        G              D
Another Christmas in L.A.
        Em           C
Another burnout in a tank top
              G             D
That seems to bask in his decay
         Em              C
A fat protagonist in flip flops
          G             D
With an extensive resume
          C       D   Em   D/F#
From Echo Park to Catalina

G             D               Em
Dreaming of a white Christmas
    C     G       D
The one I used to know
G                  D               Em
Tree tops glisten, children listen
   C            G      D
To sleigh bells in the snow

G D Em C G D

        G              D
Another Christmas in L.A

Em C G D D/F# G

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