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Killers - Change You Mind tab

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I don't exacty know all of the words because they are sometimes hard to here
on the CD and it's not a well known song. But anyway:

Intro- F/Dm/Bb/C

Lazy days, help me through the helpless haze but
Dm  Bb  C
my  oh  my

Tragic eyes, I can't even recognise my
Dm   Bb   C
soul Behind

Bb               C
So the answer is no
Can I change your mind?

Out again, a siren screams at half past ten
        Dm    Bb  C
and it won't let go
      F     Bb        F
While I ignore, that we both felt like this before
     Dm   Bb   C
It starts to show.

         Bb      C
So If I have a chance
would you let me know

 Bb   F        Bb    C
Why aren't you shaking?
Bb   F        C
Sit back and time
Bb   F        Bb     C
(I dont know what goes here)
Bb   F         C
Oh you're too kind

    Bb                C
And if the answer is no
Can i change your mind?

We're all the same
     Dm  Bb   C
And love is mine
The sun is gone
  Dm   Bb    C
Before it shines

And i say
Bb               C
If the answer is no
Can i change your
Bb               C
If the answer is no
Can i change your mind?
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