Killjoys - Rocketsleep chords

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Intro: Bm  F#

G     B5
funny how its so
G       B5
hard to see from your
G        B5                Am              D
head its so clear from the outside looking in

yeah i feel alright
can follow spots with my eyes
I'll even flinch if you call my name

F#      Bm            A/Bm
while i lie here i've got a chance to pick

G(bar chord)C             Cm
I wouldn't want to 
G     C                 Cm
be in your shoes
G            C               Cm
cause i'd be standing 
Bm   F#
over me

i was so stressed out 
now i'm complaicent stretched out
fetal outside and in

i'll be here when you get back
to watch your fingers snap
to watch them stretch out to dial

and i'll lie here, it gives me time to think

I wouldn't want to be in your shoes
cause i'd be standing over me

F#  D5            C#/D5     F#
not knowing what to do
F#  D5            C#/D5     C 
not knowing what to do

I wouldn't want to be in your shoes
Cause I'd be standing over me....

Bm:x24432    F#:244322    G:3x0033    B5:x24400    Am:x02210     D:xx0232
A/Bm:x0443x  G:355433    C:x3555x    Cm:x35543    D5:x5777x   C#/D5:x4777x

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