Kim Taylor - Baby I Need You chords

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This is my first tab so go easy on me. This song is really actually very simple. 
Just pick the chords softly and use the same pattern for all three verses.

Tuning: Standard EADGBe
No Capo Needed

[C]Maybe I need you
[F]Here in this hotel room
[C]Thinking about angels
[F]Thinking about what they do
[Am]Maybe they'll fly
[F]Bring you right here to me
[C]Cover them miles
[F]Heaven knows what I need
[F]Baby I need you

*Same chord pattern as above for the next two verses

Maybe I need you
Here in this town so sweet
Everything quiet
Everyone gone to sleep
Thinking about Elvis
How he made mama cry
Elvis find Jesus
Making her feel alright
Baby I need you

Maybe I need you
Here in this world on fire
Everything moving
Everyone always tired
Thinking of futures
Everything falls away
Everything changes
Nothing has changed today
Baby I need you
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