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Kim Walker - I Asked You For Life chords

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This is my first tab. So be nice :)
If you want to play in the same key as her with this chord progression, then place 
your capo on the 10th fret.  It's the only way with these chords.
(I like to Capo the 1st fret, and play these chords; just my preference)
NOTE: For newbies, when I say D/g, I mean you play a G chord, but your pointer 
finger moves up to the 6th string on the second fret, and you middle finger moves 
down to the 3rd string second fret.(The other two fingers stay where they were; 
basically, your pinky and ring fingers stay in the same place the entire song!!)

Key: G

Intro: G C G C

G               D/G                     Em             C
I asked you for life, and you sent your son to die for me
G               D/G                   Em                  C
I asked you for hope, you came in the night and gave me a dream
G               D/G                       Em                   C
I asked you for freedom, you broke every chain and gave me the keys
G               D/G                     Em                C
I asked you for love never-ending and every day you surround me

           Em        D/G     G                        C
And now my faith in you is a mountain that cant be shaken
          Em                 D/G        G               C
Now my strength is found in you, it is joy that cant be taken

G                     D/G             Em              C 
Praise spills from my lips, flowing onto the feet of you, my King
G                    D/G
You deserve all the love
             Em               C
and all the honor that I can bring

(Optional): G C G C

            G                D/G               Em                  C
Here is my song, here is my heart, here is my love, all for You, Jesus

Chorus 2:
G      D/G   Em           C
Holy, Holy, only You are worthy (repeat)
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