Kina Grannis - Ours To Keep tab

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This is my interpretation of Ours to Keep. Don't know if it is 100% correct, but it's what 
I hear. Enjoy!!

Tabbed by: Christina K.

Tuning: Standard

Capo 2

Cadd9: x32033 or x30033
Dsus4/F#: 200233 or 200230
Em7: 022033

Intro. There are two ways I hear the intro. The first is G, the first C below and then Dsus4/F#
Then there is another way I hear it. G, C*, and Dsus4/F#.

G C or C* Dsus4/F#

         C       or  C*

Verse 1:
How does circumstance
Seem to cost us every chance
   Cadd9                        G
At living out the truth in our hearts

It seems the best laid plans
Fall just outside our hands
    Cadd9                         G
And leave us broken down and far apart


        Em7          Dsus4/F#
But if faith plays a role
       Cadd9         G       Dsus4/F#
I know someday I'll hold you in my arms forevermore

          G        C or C*      Dsus4/F#
So let's love like it's ours to keep
G         C or C*      Dsus4/F#
Love like we've always dreamed
And maybe this time
    C or C*       Dsus4/F#
The fates will be kind to us
         Cadd9     Dsus4/F#
So let's love like it's ours to keep

G C or C* Dsus4/F#

Verse 2: Same chords as verse 1
I wish there was a way
That we could somehow stay
In this perfect moment in time

Verse 3:Same chords as verse 1
I'd give up everything
'Cause this is all I dream about
Whenever I'm alone inside my mind

Pre-chorus: Same chords as first pre-chorus
I pray faith plays a role
So that someday I'll hold you in my arms forevermore

Repeat chorus twice
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