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Kina Grannis - Wandering And Wondering tab

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This song is from Kina's album "One More In The Attic". Enjoy! ^^;

CAPO: 2nd Fret
Intro: Am C F
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Am           C             F
 I have been wandering and wondering
        Am            C                      F          Am       
 Oh and I could not remember a time when you sounded so sad, sad
            C                     F                Am   C F
 And I canít become the one whoíll make you happy again.
Am           C            F         Am
 I have been talking with people at night, 
                      C                    F           Am  C F
 At night people have told me that you were looking my way
Am               C                        F           Am
 Why canít I see through the dark aura you cast every time
                           C           F
 I wish for a time when my soul would not fall
Am           C                       F
 I have been wandering, watching and wondering
Am                   C         F  Am            C       F      Am C F
 If you, you will be with me tonight, tonight, tonight tonight
Am           C          F                     Am
 I, why have I been out wandering through people
                C          F
 Getting older, lying alone.
Am                                C     F
 You would think that I have been lonely
Am               C   F
 But you have no idea
Am                    C            F
 You cling to me with my forgiving call and I wonder
Am            C                        F                    Am
 Why I cannot venture to guess why Iím looking so down on myself
             C                        F         Am C F Am C F Am
 I have been wandering, wandering and wondering.
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