Kina Grannis - No Matter chords

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			 No Matter - Kina Grannis
Hi! This is my first submition on here! I love this song and wanted to play it, and 
where no here!

Standard Tuning

Strumming pattern: dd dd dd dd (for most of the song! listen for changes!)

Chords used:
G*     320000
Am     x02210
G      320033
Dsus4* 200033
C      320010
Em     022000
Cadd9  x32033

* I didnt know the exact chord names, so I guessed!
With the G* play it 320000 for 3 beats then on the 4th you do a hammer on thingy 
so you play 330000 for the last beat!

Intro: G* ---x4   (listen for picking on 2nd time onwards! ... its simple.... strum the 
then pick the B then G string then back to strumming!)

 No matter how we place the blame

 There are still pieces on the floor

 Someone's got to pick them up before

 Am               G         Dsus4         Am
 It's too late and innocent feet have bled on our behalf
     G             Dsus4     Am                   G
 Our reluctance to sweep away our bitterness and hostility
 Can't you see?
Am             C                G*
 we're all at fault for something.

 No matter how we play the game

 We're still fighting for an edge

 Someone's failing while you're up ahead

Am                  G               Dsus4
 Forging through the emptiness, too sly to rest
Am                   G          Dsus4
 And far behind, the weaker one bows his head
Am                          G
 Your goal is near, what of empathy?
 Can't you see?
Am            C             G*
 we're all at fault for something.

Em    C     G*
 Oh no.... Oh
Em  C                  G  Dsus4
 Oh, I don't want to be cold.
Am            C      G                 Dsus4
 Much rather see these happy things for you and me
        Am            C
 Won't live a life of apathy
Am              C      G*
 From my heart: my apologies.

 No matter how hard I try

 I still fall a little short

 Got to try a little more
Am              C                G
 There's always more that I can be.

Outro: G--Cadd9 x4

The outro has a really easy picking pattern:
   G       Cadd9
G|--0--0--0---0-| x4
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