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Kind Of Like Spitting - Thing About Distance tab

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Song:The Thing About Distance
Album: Thrill of the Hunt

Standard tuning

D--2--0---|   etc

play that after every C
besides C to E7

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       C          Am     F                C
Folding love letters and carefully placing them
     C    E7            A
in a box underneath my bed
      Dm          D7
When I drink I read over them
          C                        Am
I'm much stronger than I was when I knew her,
but see here, see here,
        C                Am
doesn't mean we should have never met,
           C                  C
it doesn't mean we should have never met.

         C               Am
We had a lot of awful shit go down,
F	              C
never love again you swore
       C                E7       A
I said things I'll probably go to hell for
   Dm            D7
We both felt really young
    C                  Am
But anyway that was a long time ago,
so see here, see here,
	C                        Am
doesn't mean I can't wish her the best,
           C                   C
I hope she gets that job in Ireland

C    D7    Gm    C    G    C
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