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King Jack - Battle With No End tab

Hey, i found this great band by accident, and i've became a big fan. Then i looked 
for their songs and stuff online but they'r not very known..
so i decided to post a tab of one of their songs here.
This is my 1st tab so..

The guitar is drop D# tuned 


caugth in a corner....
|-0---03b-----0---03b----0---03b----0---03*---0--|   * slide like 3,2,1,0 and repeat it


... tonigth yeah tonigth... the river will arise


Don't let the....                  ...battle with no end

the 2nd time goes like:
...battle with no end, battle with no end


|---0-------0-------0------0---------|      Just strumm ! xD

The intire song goes like :

intro (main riff) - Bridge - Chorus( bis) - main riff - bridge - chorus - outro - Chorus.

Have fun playing this awsome song ; D
If you think something is wrong let me know :


Official band site :
King Jack's song   :
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