Kings Of Convenience - Once Around The Block chords

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3/4 Takt

Capo 12_____no capo

Intro: Em C C D  x2

       Em            C         C         D
1. You quiver like a candle on fire,
   I'm putting you out,
            C             C           D
   Maybe tonight we could be the last shout,
              Em   C             C      D
   'Cause I'm fascinated by your style,
        Em          C          C         D
   Your beauty will last for a while.

   Em C C D  x2

          Em        C        C      D
2. You're feeling instead of being.
                   Em          C
   The more that I live on the inside,
   C          D
   Nothing to give.
         Em  C            C       D
   I'm infatuated by your moves,
        Em            C             C       D
   I've got to search hard for your clues.

   Em C C D  x2

   Em        C           C       D
3. Trying to outrun your fears,
   You're running to lose,
  Heart on your sleeven,
       C            D
  Your sole in your shoes.
  Take a left,
  A sharp left,
        C          D
  And another left.
  Em             C
  Meet me on the corner,
        C     D
  We'll start again.

Ende: Em C C D  x8
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