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Kinks - A Well Respected Man tab

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A Well Respected Man sung by the Kinks:

G           C       G      Am              C       G
1.'Cause he gets up in the morning, and he goes to work at 

       C     G       Am                    C          G
and he comes home at five-thirty, gets the same train every

           C        G        Am           C         G
'cause his world is built on punctuality, to him it never

                 C  G  Am             C   G  Am
Chorus: And he's oh so good, and he's oh, so fine,

         C   G  Am              C    G       Am
and he's oh, so healthy, in his body and his mind.

       F              Em
He's a well respected man about town, 

F                      D  G
doing the best things, so conservatively.

          C      G       Am                  C      G
2.And his mother goes to meetings, while his father paws the

        C         G        Am                 C  
And she stirs her tea with countenance, while discussing
G       Am
foreign trade,

        C      G        Am               C     G    
And she passes looks as well as bills at every sauve young



         C         G        Am           C         G
3.And he likes his own back yard, and he likes his fags the

            C      G        Am           C         G
'Cause he's better than the rest and his own sweat smells
the best.

       C        G         Am                C     G      Am
And he hopes to grab his father's loot when pater passes on.


          C         G          Am             C       G
4. And he plays the stocks and shares, and he goes to the 

   C          G         Am             C     G         Am
He adores the girl next door, and he's dying to get at her,

        C      G         Am             C     G     Am
But his mother knows the best about the matrimonial state.


A 60's blast from the past from Kraziekhat.

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