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Klaatu - Doctor Marvello chords

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Hola, Soy Yc4911, Whoo Hoo! Esta Es Mi Primer Tab (Aunque En Realidad Son Solo 
Acordes :P) Como Sea,
Queria Canciones De Klaatu, Pero No Me Salian Ninguna De Las Que Yo Queria Solo 
Annus Of Uranus Y A Routine Day, Las Tuve Que Sacar De Oido Y A Mi Opinion Se Oye 
Perfecta, Pues Proximamente Mas Canciones De Klaatu... Comenten, Disfruten :D

Acordes Extraños:

Dsus2: XX0230
[ch]Em11[/ch]: 000000

Em     Dsus2             Em
Oh, My love and I were thinking
   Dsus2               Em
How low our boat was sinking
      Dsus2           Em   A   [ch]Em11[/ch]
From fishing for the blues
C        Bm      Em    A   [ch]Em11[/ch]
  Every lure we tried
C          Bm       Em   Am
 Jonesey turned the tide
We lost our cool
  Am       Em        Bm  [ch]Em11[/ch]
Caught in whirlpools

Em     Dsus2            Em
Oh, So bland was our condition
     Dsus2          Em
We summoned black magicians
  Dsus2        Em     A  [ch]Em11[/ch]
To wave a wand or two
C     Bm    Em     A  [ch]Em11[/ch]
 Talismanic spells
C        Bm       Em   Am
 Tannis root and well
        Em       Am
To tell the tale
      Em          B  E
Their magic failed

If that is all you want
(Doctor Marvello)
Then I may be of service
If all you want is love
(Doctor Marvello)
     G      C       G     D
Well I may know a special man
       G     C            G        D
Whose love machine turns can't to can
With your mind in mind
With your mind in mind

B  [ch]Em11[/ch]   E   [ch]Em11[/ch]   B   [ch]Em11[/ch]   E  [ch]Em11[/ch]... (Se Repite Lo Que Dure La Parte Instrumental)

Em      Dsus2               Em 
Oh, The trance wore off by morning
  Dsus2       Em          Dsus2  Em       A  [ch]Em11[/ch]
A sentimental journey was hazily recalled
C           Bm      Em   A  [ch]Em11[/ch]
 Though it sounds absurd
C         Bm       Em    Am
 We're completely cured
          Em    Am   Em  Am
And now we're fine
          Em    Am   Em  Am
And now we're fine
          Em    Am   Em  Am
And now we're fine


Consejos:  El Em11 Solo Dar Un Golpe Hacia Abajo En Pocas Palabras Un Golpe Al 
Aire, Asi Lo Toco Yo Y Me Gusta Como Se Oye.
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