Klaypex - Chinters Will chords

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Song: Chinter's Will
Artist: Klaypex (www.klaypex.com)

The entire song is comprised of only 3 chords: Am, C, and [ch]Fmaj7/C[/ch]. The song is in 
standard tuning with the capo on the 5th fret.

Am       X02210
C        X32010
[ch]Fmaj7/C[/ch]  X33210

Am     C     [ch]Fmaj7/C[/ch]

Verse 1:
Am             C        [ch]Fmaj7/C[/ch]
  Cool breeze over my skin
Am          C          [ch]Fmaj7/C[/ch]
  Floating above the ground
Am             C       [ch]Fmaj7/C[/ch]
  A sight I've never seen
Am               C               [ch]Fmaj7/C[/ch]
  And there's no one to make a sound

Dubstep Breakdown:
Am     C     [ch]Fmaj7/C[/ch]

Verse 2:
Am          C            [ch]Fmaj7/C[/ch]
  I see the bright blue sky 
Am                  C       [ch]Fmaj7/C[/ch]
  Through the clear ocean water 
Am             C       [ch]Fmaj7/C[/ch]
  The darkness is disguised 
Am           C         [ch]Fmaj7/C[/ch]
  Behind the perfect clutter

Dubstep Breakdown:
Am     C     [ch]Fmaj7/C[/ch]
(Repeat until end)
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