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Kris Drever - Braw Sailin On The Sea tab

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(This is my first tab so corrections are welcome)
Kris Drever ususally uses double dropped D tuning for most of his songs but
this is tabbed for standard tuning (EADGBE) and i think sounds pretty good when 
played with the record.

Capo on fret 3

G --2------------- --2------------- --2----------------------2-2-2--------|
B ----3----------- ----3----------- ----3----------3-2-3-2-0-------0-2-3--|
e ------0-2-3-2--- ------0-2-3-0--- ------0-2-3-2-0-----------------------|


D                        A
There cam' a letter yestreen
D                        A
The Ship man sailed the morn
Bm      G        F#m    G
Alas, Cried the bonny lass
D         A      G
That ever I was born

D                             A
And it's Braw sailing on the sea
D                         A
When wind and weather's fair
Bm              G     F#m        G
It's better tae be in my love's arms
D    A           G
Oh, gin I were there

chords for verses and chorus are the same from here

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