Kris Drever - Beads And Feathers chords

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Beautiful song, and as far as I can make out, it's basically C and D with a few 
G's dotted here and there, any combo of those sounds pretty good, i recommend a 
capo on 1 or 2 unless you have a wonderfully deep voice like Kris, unfortunately 
being a girl i have no choice. hope this helps, :) 

intro: C D g 

  C                           D
You've been sailors for your souls
C                             D
You've been soldiers unto many wars
C                              D    C
You've been miners for your peaceful hearts
C                               D      D    g  C
You've been fighters for your fallen tears and mine
C                       D
This flowing water never ends
C                         D      C
These granite mountains cannot fall
C                     D   g    C
Just like them you live forever
C      g               D          C    g   
And trade it all for beads and feathers

then any combo of the chords until you wanna end, but finish on a g :D 

by Emily :)
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