Kris Drever - Poor Mans Son chords

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Kris Drever. Poor manís son.   Tab by Kevin Cawser

Possible chords, anyone have the tab for the intro?

To play along with the original put the capo around the 5th fret. (1st line chords need 

Am	        	C	    Am		 C
Advert hangs upon the wall "workers needed apply below",

                 F                   Am                F    (Dm)
You don't need a job if you've got a gun and there's a bank across the


Am	              C
My Ma hangs around my neck,
                Am		C
I point the pistol and tell the clerk,
              F                         Am
I'm not a bad man I'm just a poor man's son,
               F    (Dm)             Am
So give me the money and nobody gets hurt,

Am				     C
The deputy sheriff points his gun at me,
         Am                 C
You'll never learn will you McGee,
             F                           Am
I'm starting to think that you like that cell,
            F     Dm        Am
And you can't wait to go to hell,

        C                F           C
Hey, Ma  it's me and I'm not married yet,
                                   F                 C
I'm sorry I'm going away again for another five year stretch,
F				     Am
I'll make good someday you wait and see,
           F   Dm        Am
I love you Ma, say hi to Billy.

(Repeat last verse)
           F   Dm        Am
I love you Ma say hi to Billy.
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