Kristian Stanfill - Lord Our God chords

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Capo 5
Key of C
INTRO G Em C G (x4)

Verse 1:
Promise maker, promise keeper
Em           C
You finish what you begin
Our provision, through the desert
Em           C           G  
You see it through to the end (x2)

G                  Em     C
The Lord our God is ever faithful, 
G             Em           C   
never changing through the ages
G                 Em         C
From this darkness, you will lead us
G                   Em             C        G    
and forever we will say you're the Lord our God

Verse 2:
In the silence, in the waiting,
Em              C           G
Still we can know you are good
All your plans are for your glory
Em           C           G      
Yes we can know you are good (x2)


Bridge: JUST DRUMS (x2)  
G                          Em         C
We won't move without you, we won't move without you
G                          Em        C
You're the light of all and all that we need (x4)


TAG (x3)
G                   Em
And forever we will say
           C        G 
You're the Lord our God

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