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Kristofer Astrom - Conjure Me tab

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Conjure Me

dm	     F
If it's gonna happen
	      C                        Bb
why does it have to happen to me?
dm	          F
Felt just like a pattern 
	       C            Bb
according to schedule be

dm 		   Bb		      F	   C
Did you keep your only heart only for me to see
dm 	        Bb	    F	   	           C
I kept coming home only to see how lone it could be

dm		    F
What was that you asked me? 
                  C 			 Bb
How could I answer something so free?
dm		F
Did you find the meaning?
	    C			     Bb
Was it the journey I thought it would be?
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dm              Bb        
I kept to my lonely heart
	        F		      C
nothing could ever happen to me
dm                            Bb
And you keep to your broken heart
            F         C
say it is only misery

Bb	                F
And how could I be free?
Bb                        F
If you don't conjure me?
Bb	              dm  C  Bb
I keep drinking myself to sleep
dm - C - Bb
Oh oh we - yeah

Say you got the answer
Why does it feel this way? Why all the rain?
Give me my prescription 
Why all the darkness? Why all the pain?

When will I be older or at least old enough to see?
Can you get me out of here take me to anywhere but here?

And how could I be free? 
If you don't conjure me?
I keep drinking myself to sleep
Oh oh we - rescue me
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