Kt Tunstall - Telephone Bill chords

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D G Em A 

D                    G
Well call this number now

Em                        A
Even though Iím feeling low myself

D            G
Ill try and help

Em                        A
Talk for as long as you can afford

D            G
Pay me with your idle chatter

Em                        A
Ill give you my usual patter

D            G
You may be mad as a hatter

Em                        A
Voices never tell

D            G                Em
If I fill a space that so is hollow

A                          D
Surely peak rate doesn't matter

G                         Em
Rule the world and marry Francis

A                         G
Iím sorry that this call is tapped

So thereís no trouble

G             Em
After 10 the rates go double

G             Em
But if you are on a roll

Well carry on long distance kissing

A                                  D 
Ill be the brunette that you are missing

Well if I could see your eyes
Maybe I could take you as sincere
But as it stands, youre just a joke for the girls in the bar
Please dont think your name is sticking
As you watch your units ticking
I know if I ask you to hold
Ask me if you can

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