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Kt Tunstall - Trumpets Of Love chords

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Trumpets Of Love
Katie Tunstall
Tracks In July (2000)

Capo 2

    A  Amaj7          D    D\ D\h         C9  E*

Verse 1:
    A            Amaj7
Well, itís you I adore
D          D\     D\h
And I want everyone to know
A        Amaj7
That Iím yours
D                D\          D\h
let all the little flowers bloom once more
A      Amaj7
For I am tru-ly 
D          D\
A part of you
    C9         E*      A   Amaj7 Amaj7h  D  D\  
And you are a part of me
D\h       A   Amaj7   D
A part of me, yeah


Verse 2:
Up into the sky
Look as far as the eye can see
Youíre in my life
As something I am needing
Two people rising
My eyes on you
To do what you do with me

You and me

(strum violently while hitting strings like a pat)
Am  A5 Am  A5  Am7  C9  Em   E* (down strokes rapidly) 

(low e string)

La la la laa la la 


No other love
No no
Could it be like you and me
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