Kt Tunstall - Universe And U tab

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A fire burns
A             D
Water comes
D               G
You cool me down
E              D
When I'm cold inside
D                G
You are warm and bright
G        E       A
You know you are so good for me, yeah
With your child's eyes
A              D
You are more than you seem
D              G 
You stare into space
G               E
I see in your face
A                 D
The places you've been
D                   G
The things you have learned
G             E            A
They sit with you so beautifully, yeah


E                A
You know there's no need to hide away
A                D
You know I tell the truth
G                 D
We are just the same
E                 A
I can feel everything you do
A                 D
Hear everything you say
A             D              G
Even when you're miles away
E             A                D
'Cos I am me, the Universe and U


E              D
Just like stars burning bright
D                  G
Burning holes in the night
G                  A
We are building bridges

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