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Kunal Ganjawala - Tumse Yun Milenge tab

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well, the chord is a simple one 
the song starts from -----

Tumse yun milenge
 F         F       
humne socha na tha
    Am     Bflat
aur yeh 


mehakengi tumhari bahoon mein (twice)
  F         Am          Dm   
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tum tum the kahin 
   F      Am
the humare kuch nahi
   E          Dm
similarly hum.......nahi

itna chhota jahan 
 E        Am
ab achanak hua
  F       Dm
pehle kyun hue na tum mere
    F        Am     Dm

the song goes on..................

                                    ----------By Digvijay dharwa

please reply me
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