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Kurt Nilsen - Rise To The Occasion chords

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Simple version, but it sounds allright.

Enjoy :)

       Em                   D
You’ve been down the dark detours
           C              G
You have seen most of it all
   Em                      D
Crashed into the million faces
             C              G
But never listened to them talk
           Em                D
You’ve got so much on your mind right now
           G                               C                    D
It doesn’t even help to try to solve them all

           Em                      D
You used to smile with hope and a pat on the back
       C                   G
would last throughout the day
        Em                D
As the rain kept falling down on you
             C                         G
You wouldn't let them wash the feeling away
Em                D                   G                   
Hope itself dried out in you as you heard your man walking away
            C                         D
Without a word

You thought
 G                   D                                  Em
Who’s gonna make my decisions, I can’t make them on my own
                         C                             G
Who’s gonna rise to the occasion when there is no one around
                        D                                  Em
Who the hell is gonna believe me, when I dont believe in myself
                      C                           Em     
Who’s gonna be there forever, well it aint gonna be him

Same chords:

In case you didn’t know I really care for you
I just wish you all the best
If love should come and knock on your door
I hope it treats you with respect
I can not count the times I’ve seen you
Oh just slipping away with a broken heart


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