Kurt Vile - Hes Alright chords

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Capo - 3rd Fret
Intro - D C F G, then D C F Em, then F G 
Verse - D C F G, then D C F Em
Chorus - F, G

Chords in relation to Capo on 3rd Fret
D (000232)
C (030210)
F (003210) 
G (320003)

Not sure that this should be F, but it sounds close. Any suggestions welcome.

Listen to song for strumming pattern/speed.

Verse 1 

D                     C   
Way over there where the wind come from

F                            G
I swear i thought i was the only one

D                        C                      F       Em
Each time i stop to get air well i'm still over there

D                       C
The silhouette kid's swinging on a swing 

F                              G
Scrapes his knee and blooded brains

D                           C                        F
He shows his friends he's alive as he brags and he jives


F                 G     F         
Hey. He's alright.   Yeah

Verse 2
They say makin up for lost time
Ain't makin up for much at all
Sometimes i think gettin older's oh so last year, yeah

But other times i grab the bull by the horns
Rip em off with calloused hands
Sometimes you cry like a child still get up in the mornin
I was a geezer just last night
Watchin TV no not understandin anything
I scrape my face on the clouds every time i get out
But that's day time

Some people they use up all their cash
Records and such just sit around but i don't care about that
People say i'm to blame i guess i think it's a shame

Chorus 2
F                    G      F      
Oh, but I don't care.      Yeah

All about Kurt Vile: http://www.musictory.com/music/Kurt+Vile
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