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Kutless - All Who Are Thirsty tab

e-------------7-    ------------------------7-|
B--8-7h8p7h8----    ---7-7h8p7h8-7---7--8-10--|
G-7-7----------- x2 --7-7-----------7-7-------|
D---------------    --------------------------|
A---------------    --------------------------|
E---------------    --------------------------|

                       These are 10s and 12s
e------------5-     ------------------|
B--8--7h8p7h8--     --101010121212888-|
G-5-5---------- x2  ------------------|
D--------------     ------------------|
A--------------     ------------------|
E--------------     ------------------|

Verse 1 (Play verse 2 same as verse 1)

All who are thirsty
all who are weak
come to the fountain
                         Am   G   C
dip your heart in the stream of life
let the pain and the sorrow
be washed away,
in the wave of his mercy
               Am G  C
as deep cries out to deep, we sing


e-----5---   ----5-----|
B------8--   -----8----|
G--8----7-x2 --8---7---|x2   repeat
D-7-7-----   -5-5------|
A---------   ----------|
E---------   ----------|
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