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Kutless - Word Of God Speak chords

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     Song: Word of god speak
     Band: Kutless
     Tuning: Standered,(E,A,D,G,B,E)           Chords:
                                          C:  x32010
                                          G:  320033
                                         Dm:  x00231
                                          F:  x33211

     Word of God speak
     Would you pour down like rain
     Washing my eyes to see
     Your majesty
     To be still and know 
     That you're in this place
     Please let me stay and rest
     In Your holiness
                      C     F     C     F (continue and fade at the end)
     Word of god speak

                                THE END
I hope you liked it,This is my first tab I've ever writen.I'm planning to start 
small and work up to tabing out full songs.
If you have any questions or comments please email me at
                                                   God Bless!
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