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Kutless - Mistakes chords

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Capo 7

Intro: Am F C G
Verse 1:
Am    F              C
Empty reasons for my past
Excuses do not hold
Am              F            C
I'm struck with my affliction
   G             Am  F  C  G
An inner perfect storm
Am         F              C
Why didn't someone warn me
To save me from my self
Am          F              C
The pain is self inflicted
       G              Am    F    C
The decisions were my own 
G             Am    F
Now listen to history 

C          G            Am     F
There's so much I could say
C          G              Am            F
There's so much that I've learned don't make my mistake
C          G         Am      F
There's no time to delay
C       G        Am         F
Take my hand and learn from my heartache 

Verse 2:
Take a look into the past see all the things I've tried
Looking for a truth inside but only finding pain 
See these deep and painful scars, cutting to the bone
Do you want to look like me? With a broken, empty life 

G                   Am    F
Some things you may never understand
G                  Am      F
But knowledge from lessons not your own
G                 Am  F             C   G             
Can save you from the unknown which may stop your fall
                                    C   G
                                    may stop your fall
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