Kyla La Grange - Vampire Smile chords

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I just love this song. I play it with Capo on the 4th fret but there is wiggle room.

Vampire Smile 
 CAPO: 4

Em7          Cadd9
Baby you  need to leave,
                 G              G/F#
cause i'm  getting drunk on your noble deeds
Em7                       Cadd9
It doesn't matter that they don't get done
       G                       G/F#
when i feel this cold they're like the fucking sun
Em7      Cadd9
baby i need a friend
but i'm a vampire smile
you'll meet a sticky end
Em7                   Cadd9
i'm here trying not to bite your neck
            G               G/F#
but it's beautiful and i'm gonna get
so drunk on you
Cadd9                        G
and kill your friends, and you'll need me
and we can be obsessed
            Em7                Cadd9
and i can touch you hair and taste your skin
       G                           G/F#
the ghosts won't matter cause we're high on sin 
Em7          Cadd9      G     G/F
ohoh ohhh ohhhoh ohohoh x4 (Listen to song, see how it sounds)
Em7          Cadd9
oh baby you have a choice
         G                        G/F#
cause you burn my ears with your magic voice
i'm a paper doll
you can tear me up
              G                      G/F#
we'll be the broken lovers with the poison cup
            Em7                    Cadd9
and we'll draw in breaths like we don't have air
    G                  G/F#
god look at me don't you even care
       Em7 (ring)
that i'm dying
                 C (ring)
in the cupboard underneath the stairs
G (ring)         G/F#
steps stomp on above my head 

Instrumental: Em7          Cadd9      G     G/F x4

Em7          Cadd9
Baby you're cruel to me
         G                     G/F#
but you see i love it when you make me plead
Em7                       Cadd9
I want a scar that looks just like you
      G                             G/F#
till then i've got to learn to be a wiser fool 
Em7       Cadd9
Baby you need leave
          G                 G/F#              Em7(ring)
and I know you know that's why you keep ignoring 
        Cadd9 (ring)          G (ring)
me because if you don't gonna run me down
G/F# (ring)    Em7 (ring)
let myself go 

Kyla is an amazing artist, look her up! She will be HUGE for sure.
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