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Kyla - I Feel For You tab

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Title: I Feel For You
Artist: Kyla
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             C       G/B       Em       Am
something inside my heart and it seems like magic
Dm   G    Em
it changing my life since you came to me
everything i saw bright i see

I feel for you
i mean i truly love you
Em                      Am
In my heart and in my soul
 F              G
you are my love, you are my own
i feel for you   
          F/A          Fm/Ab
i mean i always love you (Ohh)
C    G     C-Bb
because to me you are a dream come true

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love grows everyday, hmm
and it's hard to dany it
you inpire me all the way
the joy you bring makes my heart keep on singing
Bb          F/A       G
and all i wanna do is to remain close to you
C         F
this time around i wanna let it show
Bb         G
there's something's special in my heart you are alone

 Ab      Eb/G
you are my angel in disguise
Fm     C     F
you are the reason i survive with you reach moment is
Em       Am   Bb   Ab
worth while, you make me smile and if without you truly i'd cry

(Rep chorus except last line move to 1 fret)

Because to me you are a dream come true
Fm               Gb
because to me you are a dream come true
(You are a deam come true)
Db              Ab
Because to me you are a dream come true
that's what i feell for you
for you
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