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La Ley - The Corridor tab

esta cancion es la mima a la anterior solo k le hice algunas modigicaciones pero basandome mucho en mi predesesor pero si tiene algun problema haganmelo saber mi e-mail es


A#m             C           Dm
e -------------------------------------------|
B ----------------------1-------------3------|
G --------3-----------0---0---------2---(2)--|
D -----3----3-------------------0------------|
A --1--------------3-------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------|

e --10--12---13---12---10------10--10--------|
B -------------------------------------------|
G -------------------------------------------|
D -------------------------------------------|
A -------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------|

A#     C         Dm
Step inside the corridor
feeling sole invade your senses
spirits had the gates of winter
ready for the seasons countdown
So it goes, the gate is open
all your past remains in silence
but your future is unsure
you plan to go away....  (Fill1) or (A#, C, Dm only 1 time)

  F#m              G               A
Never thought that your mind was away

never threw away your want ends
  F#m          G
never kept you by my side
now you the lone you're obviously mine
F#m               G
Jinni come down Jinni come down
close your desires or burn them with fire
F#m              G                      A   D  
Jinni come down Jinni come down and feel me...

A#       C      Dm
Seven stranger on your door
feeling like you were behind them
listen to white handed knocks
in mission of the sound of wisdom
so it goes the door is open
all your past remains in silence
now your future is for sure 
our plan to go away

always dreaming always screaming
close your eyes and feel me......

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