La Rocca - Half Speed chords

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Intro: C Gm7 (x3)

C           Em
Lately I've wanted life

F                  Am
So much more since you arrived
   C       Gm7
To meet me

        C       Gm7
Ooh, to meet me

C                     Em
Things that seemed to pass me by

    F              Am      
I'm taking time to recognise 

  C         Gm7
I need them
       C         Gm7
Ooh, I need them

      F                 Am                E
To my friend you felt so much got through

Well I did too

        F                 Am           F
And the woman's reflection mirrors you

Mirrors you


         F        Am
Now I'm moving at half speed

       C     G
Where once I ran

        F           Am
Pretty soon all the map reads

    Bb        G~
Is "no where planned"



(Chorus) repeated
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