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Labjacd - Mejor Chupa Ep tab

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This is only part of the intro (track five on the EP) but I hope it helps.

Standard tuning

Most of this is done finger picking style, so just form the chords and finger pick it. 
often you simply add a finger to the chord.

e |-0----------0----------0-------||--------------------------------------|
B |----0----------0----------0----||----------0------------0------------0-|
G |-------0----------0----------0-||-------0------------0------------0----|
D |-------------------------------||----2------------2------------2-------|
A |-------------------------------||--------------2------------3----------|
E |-0----------3----------2-------||-0------------------------------------|
bit repeats (after the double bar)

e |----------------4---------------||----------0------------------0-------|
B |-------4--5--6-------6--5--4--5-||-------1-----1------------1-----1----|
G |-4--5---------------------------||----2-----------2------2-----------2-|
D |--------------------------------||-------------------------------------|
A |--------------------------------||-0------------------3----------------|
E |--------------------------------||-------------------------------------|

  this first bit is a little bit out... I think.
e |-------0---------0--------0--------0--------0--------0-|
B |----1---------1--------1--------0--------0--------0----|
G |-4---------2--------4--------0--------2----------------|
D |-----------------------------------------------4-------|
A |-------------------------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------|

Unfortunately here I get stuck... if you can help me out please email me!!!

for those who haven't heard of LABJACD check out  (their official website)

10rd K2
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