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Lacrimas Profundere - One Hopes Evening chords

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Here are the chords to One Hope's Evening, this is just an acoustic version of it 
but it still sounds good.
This is my tab, so I hope it's ok.

Am //// Aus2 //// A ////////

Am     Asus2
I need you or
A lightning
Am     Asus2
For no land
I would let you down
Am           Asus2
All that you were
Now is fading
Am           Asus2
Your bed's a rose
for a while

I beg for you
Am         G
You little hope
Being alive
F       Am
For you hold on
This is your last
End to be near

The second verse is played exactly the same as the first one, and the chorus repeats 
couple of times. There is also an interlude, but it's easy enough to just make up if you 
picking away around the Am chord.
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