Lady Antebellum - Love This Pain chords

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Song: Love This Pain
Artist: Lady Antebellum
Capo on 3

Verse 1:
Em			D			C2
Sheís no good for me I know that sheís a wildflower
Em			D			C2
Sheís got a restlessness, a beautiful mess, a thing about her

Pre-chorus 1:
Em		D			G			C2
Here I am again calling her back letting her drive me crazy

Itís like I love this pain a little too much
G		     D
love my heart all busted up
Something bout her, that just donít work
G		D		C2
But I canít walk away, itís like I love this pain
Em	D	C2

Verse 2:
Em			D		C2
Itís an on again, and off again, situation
Em			D		C2
Itís a striking match, a tank of gas, a combination

Pre-chorus 2:
Em		   D		G			   C2
Here I am again lightiní it up, knowiní that sheíll just burn me

	Am			Em			C2
Itís like I love this life, but nothingís right yeah somethingís wrong
	Am			Em	C2		D
Itís like Iím just not me, if I canít be a sad, sad song

Hope y'all enjoy this...the new Lady A album will be coming out in a month...check it out!
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