Lady Lamb The Beekeeper - Southernly chords

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Standard tuning
Capo 2 (or 1)

I've only seen two youtube videos of this song, and one is played with the capo on the 
second fret,
the other on the first fret. One version also has extra lyrics. Also I have no idea what 
she is saying
during some parts so the lyrics are probably wrong.

Here is a basic interpretation of the strumming pattern:

    C              F

   Em             F

I have an unborn son
I have an unborn son
C                              F
and he has not begun to become one with anyone yet
Em                F
he's a box in the closet
Em                       G     G7
he's but a thought in my head, oh
C                         F
and I've seen the way you see me
C                         F
I know the sheets on your bed oh
C                          F
so don't pretend you don't see me
G                    G7
stop playing dumb or dead

   Dm               F
oh I've been reborn southernly
     C                 E
I've been your dearest friend
     Dm                    F
I've been alone, lost, and captured(?)
G                  G7
I'm buying mustard bread(?) oh

C F (x2)

C            F
and yes I do long to be taken
C                F
to the sea of despair
C                             F
where I can tread through the waters oh
C                   F
deep blue and threadbare
Em           F
give me your heart as a home
Em              F
I'm a nomad and I am so lonesome
Em           F
give me your eyes for to roam(?)
G                    G7
and the wave of your hair to be baptized in

C F (x2)

Dm                   F
you are mountains to cross
        C               E
you are rivers to bathe by
Dm                 F              G                     G7
you are leading me on down by the breath of your battle cry

C F (x2)

Dm                     F
whether your steps are running towards
C                          E
or whether they're running away from
Dm                           F
you are the apple, you are a warrior
                 C                E
you know I would never put you in danger

C             F
just up on my shoulders
C             F
just up on my shoulders
C             F
just up on my shoulders
G                G7
steadfast and skyward

end on C
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