Lagwagon - Change Despair chords

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Change Despair
Let's Talk About Feelings
1997 Fat Wreck Chords
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Key: F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F -   133211
C -   x32010
Dm -  xx0231
Bb -  x13331
G -   320033
Am -  x02210
A -   x02220
F/A - x032xx


Guitar: While bass only  does F Chord
F--Bb-- x4

Verse 1:
F    F/A
Everything that i've 
Bb             F
done here into one
F/A        Bb  Dm C Bb
in keeping with
F    F/A          Bb
Some earned conviction 
some stagnation
F/A            Bb  Am
some change despair

Chorus 1:
C                  Bb
Disappointment and odds
F/A Bb C  F
in  a  costume you 
can't take off
        Am   Bb
I leave it behind I 
know that this time
             F  Bb  F  Bb   
i get in for free 

Verse 2:
Our latest 
F/A       Bb
rendition lame
F/A        Bb  Dm C Bb
return the same
Still the best 
F/A           Bb
times are her now
Now that I'm bored
F/A          Bb  Am
now that I'm numb

Chorus 1:
Done I know 
this is wrong
F/A  Bb C     F
Safe in that stance
but incomplete
         Am Bb
Leave it be-hind I
know that this time
             F   A Bb C F A Bb C(hold) C
I get in for free

F                Am    Bb C F Am Bb C         
  Some of it's habitual
F                 Am
  Some of it's predictable
Bb              C
  sometimes the change 
        F    A
is not enough
Dm           C        Bb
  And in the lost empathy
    C              F   Bb F Bb F Bb F drumbeats Bb F(Hold)
memories of better days
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