Lana Del Rey - American chords

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Hey. These are the chords that Fifth Harmony uses in their cover of "American" by Lana del Rey. 

F#m7 D F#m7 D

Verse 1:

F#m7          D                          F#m7        D
Play house... put my favorite record on. Get down... Get your crystal method 


Bm7                                              D
You were like tall, tan, drivin' round the city. Flirtin' with the girls like 
                    Bm7                                           D
"you're so pretty." Springsteen is the king don't ya think, I was like "Hell 

yeah, that guy can sing."

F#m7                 D
Oh oh oooh oooooh... Oh oh woah woah...


A                                     C#m7
You make me crazy, you drive me wild
A                                                 C#m7
Just like a baby, you spin me 'round like a child.
Bm7                 D       Bm7                   D2
Your skin so golden brown.. Be young, be dope, be proud.

                  A                   C#m7
Like an American. Ooooh ooh ooh ooooh ooooooh x2

And it repeats like this for the rest of the song! Hope this helped!
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