Lana Del Rey - All You Need chords

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Pluck the single strings of each chord in a 8/4 rhythm (I think that's correct) in 
the order EAGD repeatedly. Use the chords from the first verse in future verses 
and the chords from the first chorus in future choruses. Standard tuning, no capo required.

You have a right
To live your life
Like no one else does
F#                  B
Like no one else might
If you have visions
                     F#     B
Come on and live them out

B         Ebm
All you need
B         Ebm
Is some peace
G#m             F#    B
While you are here
B        Ebm
Just let go
B        Ebm         F#    G#m              
Till you are home, dear

I had a dream
When I was young
I dreamt our lives were
Going to be found
When we were always
Waiting to live

All you need
Is some peace
While you are here
Just let go
I'll be it all, dear

You have the choice
To hear the noise
Or hear the sweet sound
Of your sweet voice
I know I've heard it
I heard it in my sleep

All you need
Is some peace
While you are here
Just let go
Don't say no, dear

Wake up each night
At the same time
Pull up the blind
And look outside
And in the orange light
The fog is rising

This is life
The still night
Peace in the quiet
B      Ebm
B       Ebm  F# G#m F# G#m F#
Is the sky
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