Larry Norman - God Part 3 chords

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I really love this song but couldn't find it anywhere on the net!!!! So I tabbed 
it out from memory on my acoustic guitar. Think its right - ish LOL

Intro:  C G A      C G A (X2)

I don't believe in beatles, I don't believe in rock
                                      D                      A
I dont't believe in the cutting edge, that's just journalist talk

I don't believe in the cover story or the gospel chart
        D                                                        A
you can easily hit number one with a bullet and totally miss the heart
    E     C                       C G A            C G A
but I oh I believe in God

I don't believe in politics while the masses stay unfed 
                                      D                    A
til the leaders change priorities and supply the poor with bread

don't believe in the revolution or the empty words of peace
         D                                                    A
you can tear all of the governments down you still won't find release
    E    C                   C G A       C G A
but I oh I believe in God

Break: D   G   D   G   D   G   C   F   Bb   A

I don't believe the papacy when fallible lies are told
                                                 D                  A
if they really want to help the poor they should sell some of their gold

and I don't believe the aryans are the master race
       D                                                       A
if you think that Jesus is white you'd be surprised to see His face
    E   C                    C G A    C G A
but I oh I believe in God

Break: E   C   E   C   E   C   B   C   A
don't believe in esperanto or the dreams of babylon
                                        A                        D
if we all spoke the same language, long ago we would'a built the bomb       
and I don't believe in money the way lives are bought and sold            
and when this world is ended bankrupt I'm gonna walk the streets of gold
     C                D          C                D
no I don't believe in evolution, I was born to be free
            C            D               C             D
ain't gonna let no anthropologist make a monkey out of me
     C               D       C                    D
and I don't like the devil, I ain't gonna be his slave
     C                 D              C               A
and when I'm finished dying I'm gonna bust out of my grave
   E      C
oh I yeah I
   E   C
oh I - I and I
   E   C                     C G A    
oh i oh i believe in God
                   C G A
I believe in God
                   C G A
I believe in God
                   C G A       end on   A-A-A
I believe in God
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